Little Spheres of Death

Episode 1 of Holiday Baking Championship is in the bag!  In case you missed it, you can view highlights here or watch the full episode here.  I watched the show with a crowd of about 65 people from my community, which was an incredible experience.  There was so much support and encouragement from everyone.  I was definitely feeling the love!

Viewing party with Chef Steve Konopelski - Holiday Baking Championship

The very first challenge of the show involved nuts, which was not great news for me since I’m allergic.  But it made for some memorable moments!  As if baking a dessert I couldn’t even taste wasn’t difficult enough, I accidentally nicked my finger at one point.  An open wound (even a tiny one) is not a good thing around a pile of allergy-inducing nuts.  I referred to the nuts as “little brown spheres of death,” which got a pretty big laugh from everyone at the viewing party.

My favorite tweet of the night came from my friend Lauren.  A few weeks ago, I made a Death Star cake for her son Mark’s first birthday.  Not only does Mark have a Star Wars-themed nursery, his middle name is Anakin.  So the kid definitely needed an awesome Death Star cake to celebrate his first year of life.  Anyway, after the whole little-brown-spheres-of-death moment, Lauren tweeted this:

Sphere of Death - Chef Steve Konopelski - Holiday Baking Championship

Ha!  Love it!

If you live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and want to watch the next episode with me and my crew, we’ll be at Market Street Public House (200 Market St., Denton, MD 21629) this Sunday at 9:00 p.m.  Come out to join us and get your very own #TeamSteve button!

#TeamSteve Buttons - Chef Steve Konopelski - Holiday Baking Championship







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