HUGE Announcement!

I have been bursting with HUGE news for weeks, and today I can finally share it! I’ve been wanting to talk about this for so long, and I’m not going to spend one more second holding back, so here goes:

In just a few weeks, I will be competing in this year’s Holiday Baking Championship on Food Network!!! Beginning November 1st, you’ll see me face off against some phenomenal bakers in Season 2 of the show. I am beyond excited that I was selected to be part of the competition!

Seriously, you guys. It still doesn’t even feel real to me that I actually got to be part of something so cool.

I don’t want to slip and accidentally share a spoiler in all my excitement, so I’m not going to say too much more about being on the show at this point. But I will say that it was an absolute blast! This whole experience is something I really want to share with my husband, family, friends, and the whole community. We’re having a viewing party for the first episode on November 1st, so if you live near Denton, Maryland come out and join us!

Wish me luck! #HolidayBakingChampionship

Chef Steve Konopelski


2 thoughts on “HUGE Announcement!

  1. Alfred&Susan Castillo says:

    Go Steve!!! Great job this week!!! Best Cookie Wreath!!! Beautiful….
    Enjoyed meeting you this passed Saturday…loved the cookies, granola, and the one muffin that were available for us. We will be back for more. My granddaughter in very interesting in cooking, as I mentioned to you, I want to arrange a time to bring her to a class with you sometime.
    Keep up the great baking and we will continue to root for you on Sunday evenings!!!

    • Steve Konopelski says:

      Thank you Susan, it was wonderful to meet you. I would love to have a chance to talk with your granddaughter. We have some great classes offered through our website. When we see you on Friday to pick up your order, we can talk about different options.

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